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Glass partitions and walls provide attractive, clean sightlines that no other material can equal. Custom partitioning has a variety of benefits from providing some privacy, to flexibility and working environments in any space size.

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Our Glass Wall Partitions

We Customize Glass Partitions to your liking.
Improve the Aesthetics of Your Workplace with Glass Walls Partitions.

Black Channel Frame Profile Glass Partition Dubai

Smart Glass Wall Cabins

Smart Glass Wall Partition Cabins with thin Black Color Coated Channel Frame

Frameless Glass Wall Partition

Frameless Glass Wall Partition

Frameless Glass Wall partition for Offices Front and for office Cabins

Clear Tempered Modern Custom Office Glass Partition

Clear Glass Partition

Clear Tempered Modern Custom Office Glass Partition can be in many different designs

Black color coated Frame Channel Glass Wall Partition

Black Aluminium Frame Glass Partition

Black color coated Frame Channel Glass Wall Partition

Curved Glass Wall Partition

Curved Glass Wall Partition

Curved Glass Wall Partition with Black Chanel Aluminium Frame

Glazed folding Glass Wall Partition with high level of sound reduction

Glazed Glass Folding Wall Partition

Glazed folding Glass Wall Partition with high level of sound reduction

Glazed Glass Wall Partition Black aluminium Profile

Glazed Glass Partition Wall

Double and Single Glazed Glass Partition Wall for Sound Reduction

Stand Alone Glass Wall Partition Devider

Stand Alone Glass Partition / Divider

Stand Alone Glass Partition / Divider for Residential and Commercial Space

Amazing Designs

Office Glass Partition Dubai

If you want to effectively divide a room into smaller spaces without building opaque walls, then office glass partitions are your solution. These flexible structures are available in a variety of heights and finishes to suit your company’s need for high-quality and practical office dividers. With sound-proof glass, you have a stylish, functional partition that allows individuals. Or the groups of different sizes to work in a distraction-free environment without feeling isolated. In addition, it prevents the transmission of acoustic noise without blocking out light.

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Glass Partition Dubai

With years of experience, Fixwix. ae can provide you with custom glass walls for a variety of businesses. Our quality and personalized office glass partition services are second to none. We make custom products with our expert systems such as fire-rated glazing and acoustic glass partitions.

We aim to provide affordable prices for any type of office or glass partition system. However, we offer an efficient and professional nationwide supply & installation service. We are constantly developing new ideas to provide visitors with simple and quick information, and so we just introduced an online quote system.

Working closely with clients, our workers in the Dubai offer impressive structural glazing solutions. Contact Fixwix. ae to schedule a consultation or an installation of a toughened glass partition in Dubai made with advanced technologies.

Our Bespoke Glass Partition Services

We supply and install all types, including single and double glass walls of the office. Moreover, the glass partition systems are for all types of businesses. The extensive range of products is designed to suit every budget and aesthetic. Moreover, making it possible to create a modern, stylish and functional office interior.

A top supplier of the most aesthetically pleasing office and glass partitioning systems. We offer a mix of options from economic protection to luxurious designs. With our bespoke glazed partitions, you can achieve a perfect visual and practical style for any financial institution. They’re excellent for settings like offices with their open-plan feel and noise reduction properties. However, they help maintain a positive work environment. With our get in touch today service, we’ll provide the design you need to make your office both professional and stylish.

Our contemporary range of frameless glass partitions and Crittall-style partitions fits every kind of space. Our selection includes hundreds of different door designs for every project. Moreover, the hardware in several finishes to make your customization perfect. Be sure to scroll down to see all the options!


Our Services

• Atrium wall partition:
With an atrium glass wall partition, looking down on the lower level is easier. Although, this technology provides a bird’s eye view of the lower floors within multi-story interior business areas.
• Frameless wall partition:
The use of frameless wall partition divides interior commercial areas is a quick and reliable solution. Single or double glazed glass panels are available in the frameless partition.
• Freestanding glass partition:
The freestanding wall partition can install independently without the support of walls and ceilings. Freestanding partitions offer a high-customization because they stand on their own.
• LCD privacy glass partition:
By using switchable glass technology, privacy glass partitions can shift from transparent to completely invisible at the click of a button.
• Modular wall partition:
Click-in technology is used in modular wall partitions to give the simple installation and configuration.
• Moveable walls partitions:
Double glazed movable wall partition uses innovative technology to provide additional functionality, including semi-automatic operation.

Why us?

• Product sample:
We’ll provide all of the materials you’ll need for the project. Just like catalogs, glass, and hardware samples.

• Loyalty program:
We fully understand that any work should appreciate. As a result, we have a partner loyalty program with exclusive commercial offers and terms.

• Personal manager:
All parties involved in the business estimators, technical specialists, fabricators, project managers, and installers. Moreover, you will have direct and quick interaction with a personal manager.

• Creative design solution:

Complex projects and creative design solutions are no problem for us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for. So, please contact us and we’ll create it for you!