What happens when you work with an incompetent interior fit out company

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January 14, 2019
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What happens when you work with an incompetent interior fit-out company?

Working with an interior fit out company in Dubai is one way to ensure the success of a fit out project for your business. You would come across a number of fit-out companies that claims to provide top-notch services at competitive pricing but, you will never know that what you are getting into unless you conduct a research on a fit out company of your liking.

Of course, if you are following the tactics of “desperate times, desperate measures” then, you would certainly settle down with a mediocre or incompetent fit out company. When you are establishing or renovating your office space, you should consider experimenting with factors to utilize the efficiency of the office space and not condense it.

An incompetent crew is not vastly familiar with what initiatives to take regarding the project, and they consistently rely on your opinions and ideas rather than incorporating their expertise to the project plan. Here is what happens when you work with an incompetent interior fit out company in Dubai:

  • Lack of proper evaluation

An incompetent and inexperienced fit out company would be reluctant to offer an initial evaluation or assessment of the project, and they would never provide you with an insight of the project’s outline. They would simply ask you to sign the contract and not take your opinions into their consideration.

Of course, you are paying for the investment and your choice and voice matters the most. An ideal fit out company would ask you for your opinions, and they would also supplement your idea by foretelling their expertise on the plan.

  • Lack of proper invoicing

When working with a fit out company for major or minor projects—you should negotiate the pricings of the project accordingly. You should ask them to provide you with an estimate based on the requirements of the project.

An unprofessional interior fit out company would brush off discussing the terms and conditions of the pricing and you will never know what amount you would get on the invoice.

  • Improper and incomplete project

If you are hiring an interior fit out company for the first time then, there are chances that you lack idea on what to consider and what to avoid when hiring such services for your office. If you neglect researching the company before hiring then, you should be expecting an incomplete and improperly done project.

An inexperienced fit out contractor is not familiar with utilizing the construction space in the best way possible, and you would be left with a jumbled, confused, and incomplete workspace. Similar to any projects, a fit-out company should give you an estimated timeframe, which would be utilized for the completion of the project. A professional company would never complete the project in tandems; however, if there is a need for an extension then, they would ask you to extend the project deadline instead of dragging it along.

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