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    AC Installation and Maintenance Services in Dubai

    Looking for AC Installation Dubai? FIXWIX provides the best and dependable solution for all AC repair and AC maintenance Dubai troubles.

    When is the right time to give us a call?

    There is an end to all the possessions around us, including our air conditioner, ultimately it does show us some signs that it needs maintenance. We will educate you about these indications, so you get your air conditioning cleaning done by us in Dubai before your AC breaks down entirely due to gi duct accumulation.

    Water leakage

    The most common issue that several AC maintenance companies Dubai get complained about is dripping excessive water from beneath the AC. This type of problem calls for emergency ac repair in Dubai because your AC hasn’t been serviced long, and the condensation pump has failed to serve its purpose. Excessive ignoring of this issue can lead to complete air conditioning failure.

    Unsatisfactory performance

    Are you tired of contacting several AC maintenance Dubai companies because your AC is not cooling your space like it used to? Don’t worry because we have it covered. This problem may surface if the ac filter or duct cleaning service hasn’t been done on your AC. We know that ac cleaning services in Dubai are not upto the mark but don’t break a sweat; our professionals know how to take care of clogged, dirty ducts.

    Does your ac need an HVAC odour removal?

    Your AC is working correctly but is producing a foul smell, but why does it matter? It’s nothing a little air freshener can’t fix. Well, we have some bad news for you, it is a problem. The foul smell is due to the bacteria clot in the ac vents, but don’t worry because our trained professionals offer an a/c odour treatment. The treatment consists of deep cleaning through all the ducts and vents.

    Is the airflow disturbed?

    If you feel that the flow of air in your AC is disturbed and you don’t feel that same kind of wind pressure, then it might be a setting fault, but if it is making some noise when you change the air setting. Your air fan is damaged, and probably it is due to grim and dirt, but we will take care of that too.

    Unusual bills
    Has your electricity bill increased drastically with the same kind of usage? Then your air conditioner is probably working twice as much to keep up with its expectations.

    Failure to cool
    One more issue that you could face from the clotted passages in your AC due to dirt is your AC losing its ability to cool slowly and gradually. This can be due to the dirt blocked air and water filters.

    Is it a power trip or a wiring problem?
    If your air conditioner is not turning on, there can be two ways this situation could go into. Maybe it’s just a simple fuse trip that you could fix from your home’s fuse box if it still doesn’t process power then it’s a wiring problem.

    Unwanted noise
    If your air conditioner is making weird unwanted sounds, it’s probably due to a damaged fan or condenser. It can be easily fixed but getting it repaired professionally will be a wiser and long-lasting solution.

    Our advice
    Call us! Give your AC a break; our Ac Installation Dubai company team will take care of all your AC’s maintenance.
    We stand for looking after your air conditioner in a way that portrays no issues in the future and stays in excellent working condition all along. To make sure that our air conditioning services are the finest around, we have the most trained professionals along with the latest types of equipment to look after your maintenance needs.
    Stop wandering to look for HVAC contractors in UAE because we are here to provide you with the finest Ac Installation Dubai. Book an appointment now and forget the rest.

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