Wall Paper Fixing

We change the way you live. Our motto is to make your dreams come true by making your house a place exactly the way you want it to be.

In our present-day wallpaper category we have modern and classic floral art, two-tone and multi-tone stripes, feathers, retro and abstract designs and a whole host of other extravagant wallpapers that will bring your rooms to life in a natural manner.

FixWix.ae also offers a wide range of children’s wallpapers and mural for you to choose from, giving you an opportunity to create that perfect bedroom for the children of all age groups.

The story does not end here. We have the solution for ripped seams, bubbles, tears and damaged wallpapers which hinder the visual interest and act as a nuisance when it comes to style. Delay in fixing such issues end up in replacement of the wallpaper from the scratch.

Here we come with a better solution which not only enhances the beauty of your room but also is cost effective for our precious clients. It requires some special functioning tools which can be handled by professional and skilled people, we have in our team to accommodate you.

Our focused areas while taking charge of wall-paper repairs are loose seams, punctures and trapped air bubbles. To make repairs likely imperceptible we work at a snail’s pace and carefully avoid the need for repeated fixation.