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    Retail Shop Fittings Dubai

    We are the professional services in Dubai. We have professionals for all the services we provide. We can handle bigger to smaller projects.


    Retail Shop Fittings Dubai

    Economical Shop Fittings & Display Units

    Heedlessly of our very long recognized erect inside the store fixtures retail fluctuations. Whilst conventional stores are getting more economical from the high street, and shopping centres around the UAE are still utilizing certain services, and products are even more popular. Our modified store counters are still an illustration with many people capable of originating off-the-shelf exhibit units on the web. Handmade joinery screens are just a lot of our job today is making tailor-made racks whether or not they indeed have been for displays, and pop-up outlets or stores.

    We are a Reputable Shop Fittings Corporation

    At Fixwix, we Offer a broad Shop Fittings array of Retail shelves, Slatwall and Store Counters across Dubai and UAE. We offer flexible Joinery assistance fabricating store Counters, Greeting Card models and Screen racks that can be prepared within a few days. We are measured as the sole corporation who can assure an ideal shipping agency for most distant locations, which will be of fair use when pieces are demanded desperately. It exactly shows what our clients think for us. Visit us for display, work, and service ethos. Besides maintaining personalized Shop fitting supplies, we also give fitting support throughout Dubai for your store shelving or slatted wall requests. Please consult us; however, you require just a little assistance or do not need to bother with fitting yourself. Just join our commercial fit out company in Dubai.

    Our Modified Shop Fittings and Retail Service

    We are delighted to announce that we have a fresh style and layout service that provides clients with the most recent tech in working their store prerequisites. We can organize and fabricate store counters & show components for precise specifications with personal computer-generated graphics to build design, layout, and reassemble some Retail plan. Also, a range of exterior finishes, for example, metal effect plus bright coloured screen stands to squeeze to a specific storage area. Greeting card components are now made in various peaks and depths with new technology that agrees to shop desks to become powder coated in any RAL shade reference variety in addition to add-ons trimmings and accommodated for the significance of a small enterprise. We want longer to appeal to purchasers’ unique demands and earn acquiring shop fixtures favourable and collaborative expertise between buyer and seller.

    Retail Shop Fittings, Store Shelving & Slatwall Exhibition with Fixwix

    We're famous for getting Slatwall exhibits, store accessories, and evolving all of the retail accessories and possess a considerable product variety that you navigate. Gridwall along with Clothing railings carry on to get improved with this year offering new developments to select including novel highlighted mannequins and Dark Gridwall.

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    We are the first port of contact for store accessories, Screen components and retail supplies. If you want to know more about all our services and retail items, please don’t be shillyshally. Contact us on the phone as we are pleased to hear from your side. You may complete our fast and fundamental online contact registration to get in touch with you. We feel honoured to project your shops Fit Out as we have done several other fit out projects in Dubai.

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